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Spring Fashion, rock the bright colors!

Piece of the Puzzle

*Colorful Jacket: There are a number of places to get great suit jackets and colorful suits: Maurices, Metro Style, Lulus, and Macy’s. This is going to cost money to pick a color that flatters you, and a suit you can rock together and apart

*Basic Shirt: Stock up during sale seasons at Wet Seal and Old Navy

*Printed Pants: These came from Top Shop, but I suggest shopping at Charlotte Russe and Forever 21 to protect your pocket book.

Spring Fashion: Color-Blocking!

I love spring fashion. Actually, I love fashion all year round. The best part about spring is the colors and prints. They are so bright and full of life, just like the blooming world around us. 

Color Blocking is hot for spring fashion. It is one of the times of the year you can have bright neon shades from head to toe. Make sure your colors go well together. 

Shopping wise this outfit is great because you can afterwards pick each piece apart and making many other outfits. 

Start with a fun, solid print top. The orange is great here because it flows but isn’t over-sized.

Green and Orange go well together, so the green pants were a great choice for this model.

The solid shoes. The way to rock solid shoes is with a pump. Round toe pumps often look better than pointed toes (sorry Stacy London, by idol, but I can’t change how I feel). I would have picked Orange shoes here myself. 

Skater Spring

Pieces of the Puzzle:

*Big Bracelets: Charlotte Russe is a rocking place to purchase these, they are almost always on sale and look great!

*Tee Shirt: Stock up on cheap Tee shirts during an Old Navy or Wet Seal sale

*Maxi Dress: Wet Seal and Forever 21 always have great Maxi skirts

Spring Fashion: spring is a such a great time for fashion and fun. I love the colors and the fabrics. 

This outfit is the chic side of Spring Fashion. Mesh Tights (you can bulk up on them cheap at Walmart), pair them with adorable heels or flats (Macy’s has great shoes). 

The bottoms can be great shorts or a mini skirt, depending on how you like to sit. Statement shorts are so much fun. Forever 21 and Charlotte Russe are known for having great statement shorts.

A basic blouse for the top, with a belt to accent it. Basic tops are great because you can find them any place you shop, same with basic belt :)

The statement necklace make the top half pop. Finding a perfect statement necklace can be tricky, since they rarely go with more than 1 or 2 outfits and they are pricey.

Charlotte Russe and Icing’s usually have great statement necklace for under $22 

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